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    People throughout Midlothian are doing what they can to save our schools. These pages cover some of the actions.

    Date Added Description
    09/06/2004 Details of The Public Petitions Committee meeting held on 28th April when the MRSAG petition was discussed can be viewed here.
    07/06/2004 A local artist from Cousland has created hand drawings of the 5 rural schools, which you can still obtain. Full details can be found here.
    07/06/2004 A Schools' Funday was held at Temple Primary School on 6th June 2004, for all the children, families, friends and communities who have worked so hard together over the past few months for the 5 rural schools. Photos of the event can be viewed here.
    21/05/2004 The BBC Radio 4 programme, You and Yours, discussed the decision made by Midlothian Council on Thursday 20th May. Reporter Helen Ross spoke with parents and pupils at Howgate, Donald MacKay and Irene Stewart.
    09/05/2004 Howgate Primary School held a balloon race on Friday 7 May. A balloon for each pupil at all 5 of Midlothian's rural schools was released and a prize will go to the pupil whose balloon goes the furthest.

    If you find a balloon, please email us with the details on the tag.

    Details and photos of the race can be viewed here.
    06/05/2004 Minutes from the meeting between MRSAG and religious representatives on 29 April, can be read here.
    05/05/2004 Photos of the politicians forums held at Cousland Village Hall on 31 March 2004 have now been added.
    05/05/2004 Photos of the consultation meeting at Dalkeith Primary Schools Campus on 25 March have now been added.
    28/04/2004 Two days before the end of consultation period, MRSAG are homing in on their campaign and we really fancy our chances now.:-)
    27/04/2004 They're back, new and improved, refreshed and recycled, the MRSAG placards will be appearing at a location near you soon!
    26/04/2004 Most people should be aware of the school closures in the Scottish Borders, well this page has some details and links regarding the campaign to save those schools.
    26/04/2004 A publication found on the Scottish Executive's website makes several recommendations on tackling poverty and social exclusion in rural areas.
    26/04/2004 Representatives from MRSAG met with members of Midlothian Council on Monday 26th to discuss the rural school closure proposals. A document detailing the issues of our campaign has been presented to the council members and is available on the campaign issues link.
    23/04/2004 The MRSAG march and rally took place on 23rd April, details and photos can be viewed here.
    22/04/2004 The Public Petitions Committee will be discussing the MRSAG Petition recently presented to the Scottish Parliament. Details of the petition can be found here.
    21/04/2004 Pupils from the 5 rural schools gathered at Borthwick Primary School on Monday 19th April to send a message to Midlothian Council.
    18/04/2004 The MRSAG march and rally will take place on 23rd April, details can be viewed here. If you would like to use one of the buses arranged to take supporters to Dalkeith, please advise us as soon as possible.
    17/04/2004 The Scottish Countryside Alliance have shown their support by backing our campaign.
    14/04/2004 Several posters have been produced to support our campaign and can be downloaded here for you to print yourself.
    02/04/2004 As fast as the council take them down, we're putting up new ones!
    01/04/2004 MRSAG Representatives submitted their petition, to The Scottish Parliament.
    31/03/2004 MRSAG Representatives met with John Swinney, Shadow First Minister to discuss the campaign.
    30/03/2004 Howgate's 55 points against closure as presented at the public consultation meeting on 22 March.
    30/03/2004 14 Howgate pupils delivered an invite to their school on the 12th March.
    27/03/2004 New posters, placards and banners are popping up everywhere!
    25/03/2004 At the Public Consultation Meeting at Gorebridge on Tuesday 23 March, Borthwick's presentation included a document supporting their school - it can be viewed here.
    24/03/2004 Posters and Banners are being painted and are popping up everywhere!
    23/03/2004 Lesley Riddoch and her Radio Scotland show came to Temple Village Hall for a debate!
    22/03/2004 Borthwick Church recently published some items on the school closures here.
    21/03/2004 Midlothian Federation of Community Councils had a meeting on 17/03/04. The minutes can be found here.
    16/03/2004 Justin Ryan and Colin McAllister visit Borthwick

    Last Updated : 09 January 2008