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  • Midlothian Council - The Decisions

    From Midlothian Council's Website:

    Midlothian Council will consider proposals for the future school provision in Midlothian on Thursday 20th May at 1.55pm. The matter will be considered by the Cabinet and is expected to be referred directly to the full Council scheduled for 2.00pm to enable all Councillors to take part in this debate. The meeting will take place in Midlothian House.

    All 21 affected schools are being invited to address the meeting and because of the numbers involved in this, space in the public gallery will be extremely limited. You can find a copy of the committee report which will be discussed here.

    An accompanying cd which is being circulated with committee papers, contains copies of letters and correspondence relating to the consultation, copies of minutes of public meetings, costings and the updated property schedules for each school. You can request a copy of this cd by emailing education.services@midlothian.gov.uk

    On 14th May Donald Mackay, Director of Education, published a report covering the options that will be available to the Elected Members of Midlothian Council to vote on. All Midlothian Councillor's plus the three religious respresentatives will meet in the Chambers of Midlothian Council on Thursday 20 May at 2pm. Two representatives from each school will be allowed to make a five minute presentation and additionally, the Midlothian Rural Schools Action Group will also have the option of a presentation.

    This page is intended to cover all documentation and information regarding this process.

    Published Reports

    • Follow-Up Report by Donald MacKay, Director of Education issued on 14 May.
    • Midlothian Council Press Release issued on 14 May.
    • New : Ceredigion County Council website. Midlothian Council used some statements from this website in the Follow-Up Report above to justify the closure of rural schools. If they had actually looked at all the website or done any kind of research, they would have seen many facts that prove that rural schools are a success. We have to say thanks to the council for bringing this to our attention.

    Brief summary of Midlothian Council's follow up report

    In addition to the original school closure proposals, Donald MacKay's report is now offering other options for the Councillor's to choose. Those that affect the 5 rural schools are:

    Borthwick and Temple Primary Schools

    • Borthwick and Temple schools close but pupils remain in their current schools until the new Stobhill school is built
    • A new school is provided at Middleton for Borthwick and Temple catchment areas and pupils remain at their current schools until this is built
    • No action is taken.

    Cranston Primary School

    • Cranston be closed but pupils remain in their current school until the new Pathhead Primary is built
    • No action is taken.

    Cousland Primary School

    • Cousland be closed but pupils remain in their current school until Woodburn is refurbished or the new school is built
    • Cousland remains open until a new school is completed in Pathhead to serve Pathhead, Cousland and Cranston
    • No action is taken.

    Howgate Primary School

    • Howgate be closed and pupils relocate to Cornbank St James
    • No action is taken.

    Last Updated : 30 March 2005