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  • Media Articles

    Please note that the views in these media articles or letters may not necessarily reflect those of MRSAG.

    Articles for each day are now grouped on the same page for ease of use.

    Date Added Media Details
    25/10/2005 The Herald New rules offer more protection on school closures
    12/08/2005 The Herald Victory spurs rural schools fight
    11/08/2005 The Scotsman Parents beat rural school closure plan
    10/08/2005 BBC News Online
    School closure plans spark row
    08/09/2004 The Scotsman Scots challenged to broaden use of schools as rolls fall
    24/06/2004 The Evening News Fresh talks over plans for schools relocation
    23/06/2004 The Advertiser Village primaries hold fun day
    21/06/2004 The Times Educational
    No U-turn on rural closures : published 28/05/2004
    21/06/2004 The Scotsman Time to live up to promises and deliver real service reform
    04/06/2004 The Peeblesshire News No reprieve for Howgate
    03/06/2004 The Advertiser Letters to the Editor
    03/06/2004 The Advertiser Disappointment at decision to close Howgate School
    02/06/2004 The Scotsman Latest stage of schools project gets go-ahead
    01/06/2004 The Scotsman Quit call over CD details of children
    28/05/2004 The Peeblesshire News No reprieve for Howgate
    28/05/2004 The Advertiser Calls for education chief to resign after protest at CD-Rom contents
    28/05/2004 The Advertiser Council's original reason for Howgate closure
    28/05/2004 The Advertiser Three-hour meeting decides to re-shape school provision
    28/05/2004 The Advertiser Letters to the Editor
    28/05/2004 The Advertiser Cabinet re-shuffle in Midlothian
    28/05/2004 The Advertiser Campaigners vow to continue fight
    28/05/2004 The Advertiser Howgate is first school to close
    27/05/2004 The Scotsman School Closures Defended by Education Minister
    27/05/2004 The Scotsman Teachers give bad report to £2bn school building project
    27/05/2004 The Evening News PPP schools blasted by teachers' report
    27/05/2004 The Scotsman Border villages step up schools campaign
    22/05/2004 The Evening News Parents take to streets in schools fight
    22/05/2004 The Scotsman Rural schools given stay of execution, but parents fight on
    21/05/2004 The Evening News Parents' fight fails to stop schools axe
    20/05/2004 The Advertiser Letters to the Editor
    20/05/2004 The Advertiser Rural schools campaigners warn: don't wreck our communities
    20/05/2004 The Advertiser Balloon race fun
    20/05/2004 The Advertiser Primary schools: the new options
    20/05/2004 The Advertiser D-Day for schools as council takes closure decision
    19/05/2004 The Scotsman Cardinal joins opposition to mixed-faith primary
    19/05/2004 The Press and Journal
    Rural Schools Can Play A Crucial Role
    18/05/2004 The Evening News Cardinal joins row over schools merger
    17/05/2004 The Scotsman Big changes are on the way
    15/05/2004 The Scotsman Capital losing 8% of families a year
    15/05/2004 The Advertiser Parliament sends schools petition to Midlothian
    15/05/2004 The Advertiser Letters to the Editor
    12/05/2004 The Guardian Village school to revive the spirit of Co-op pioneers : published 23/01/2004
    12/05/2004 The Scotsman Election shake-up may cost Labour dear
    12/05/2004 The Scotsman Fate of four one-teacher schools to be decided
    07/05/2004 The Evening News Pupils hold balloon protest
    06/05/2004 The Advertiser Letters to the Editor
    06/05/2004 The Advertiser Cardinal's joy as he opens new school
    06/05/2004 The Advertiser Shape of things to come as Cardinal opens new school
    05/05/2004 The Scotsman From the chalk face - Think again
    04/05/2004 The Scotsman Expert calls for radical rethink on education
    04/05/2004 The Guardian Battle for hearts and minds
    03/05/2004 The Evening News Parents take to streets in fight for schools
    02/05/2004 The Peeblesshire News Closure of rural schools
    02/05/2004 The Rural Community
    Battle lines drawn in Midlothian over rural schools
    02/05/2004 The Peeblesshire News Parents step up fight in schools campaign
    02/05/2004 The Advertiser Rural school campaigners take protest to council HQ
    02/05/2004 The Advertiser Letters to the Editor
    02/05/2004 The Advertiser Community Council "should give more support to Stobhill"
    02/05/2004 Berwickshire Today Comparison over schools closures rankles SBC
    28/04/2004 The Scotsman Bell tolls for small rural schools
    24/04/2004 The Scotsman 800 protest against closure of five rural Midlothian schools
    22/04/2004 The Advertiser Letters to the Editor
    22/04/2004 The Advertiser ‘Listen to parents on schools'
    22/04/2004 The Advertiser School rumours fly as deadline looms
    22/04/2004 The Advertiser Dalkeith protest march planned to save schools
    21/04/2004 The Times Educational
    Smallest schools are the starriest
    21/04/2004 The Times Educational
    Backlash on rural closures
    19/04/2004 The Evening News School closure deadline looms
    17/04/2004 The Advertiser Letters to the Editor
    17/04/2004 The Advertiser Schools: council turns on MSP
    17/04/2004 The Advertiser Closure threat brings forward school bicentennial celebration
    15/04/2004 The Evening News MSP 'grandstanding' in rural schools fight
    09/04/2004 The Scotsman Scottish councils raise taxes as they hoard millions
    09/04/2004 The Peeblesshire News Parents step up fight in schools campaign
    08/04/2004 The Advertiser Presbytery joins schools fight
    08/04/2004 The Advertiser Letter from America: Save Cousland School
    08/04/2004 The Advertiser Letters to the Editor
    08/04/2004 The Advertiser Wanted: Board member for school council is threatening with closure
    08/04/2004 The Advertiser New Surveys at schools after mistakes found
    08/04/2004 The Advertiser MSPs debate rural schools
    08/04/2004 The Advertiser 5000 sign petition urging Parliament to save rural schools
    06/04/2004 The Evening News Leading lawyer joins fight to save schools
    01/04/2004 The Advertiser Letters to the Editor
    01/04/2004 The Advertiser Rush towards closure comes in for criticism
    01/04/2004 The Advertiser Letter to the Editor
    01/04/2004 The Advertiser Cranston queries classroom costs
    01/04/2004 The Advertiser Community councils want to be heard
    01/04/2004 The Advertiser Brankin raises issue in Scottish Parliament
    01/04/2004 The Advertiser Borthwick campaigners press case
    01/04/2004 The Advertiser Schools' protesters win extra time as pressure mounts
    01/04/2004 The Evening News Parents lobby parliament to halt school closures
    31/03/2004 The Scotsman Letters - Midlothian moves
    31/03/2004 The Scotsman Ethnic pupils are top of the class for exams
    30/03/2004 The Scotsman Tories will vote down Borders school closures
    29/03/2004 The Scotsman Letters - Save small schools
    27/03/2004 The Evening News Parents' fury at classroom cabins plans
    25/03/2004 The Advertiser Letters to the Editor
    25/03/2004 The Advertiser '10 minutes to save Cranston'
    25/03/2004 The Advertiser Opposition voiced to Ladywood and Eastfield merger
    25/03/2004 The Advertiser Open day invite extended by school
    25/03/2004 The Advertiser Brankin: I share many of parents' concerns
    25/03/2004 The Advertiser Switching Cousland pupils to Woodburn criticised
    25/03/2004 The Advertiser Letters to the Editor
    25/03/2004 The Peeblesshire News Parents hit out at school plans
    25/03/2004 The Evening News Parents are forced to hire bus to attend school debate
    24/03/2004 The Scotsman Parents to stage school closure protest
    24/03/2004 The Evening News Lining up to fight school closures
    23/03/2004 The Evening News Just 10 minutes to save schools
    23/03/2004 The Scotsman Parents angry at rural school closure
    20/03/2004 The Peeblesshire News Have your say on future of schools
    19/03/2004 BBC News Online
    School closure plans spark row
    18/03/2004 The Advertiser Letters to the Editor
    18/03/2004 The Advertiser Five unite to plot battle tactics
    18/03/2004 The Advertiser TV celebrities blast school closures
    18/03/2004 The Advertiser Series of public meetings to start
    18/03/2004 The Advertiser Primary's death-knell 'based on flawed information'
    17/03/2004 The Scotsman School Guide - Letters
    17/03/2004 The Scotsman Building for the future
    16/03/2004 The Evening News Stars with designs on saving schools
    16/03/2004 The Scotsman TV design gurus join protest at closure of rural primary schools
    13/03/2004 The Daily Record Kids protest to stop school closing - We've bin treated like rubbish
    12/03/2004 The Evening News We think school plan is rubbish
    11/03/2004 The Peeblesshire News Parents battle to save school
    11/03/2004 The Advertiser Andrew wins safety poster competition
    11/03/2004 The Advertiser United we stand: joint campaign is launched
    11/03/2004 The Advertiser Letters to the Editor
    11/03/2004 The Advertiser School closures: for or against?
    11/03/2004 The Advertiser Praise for school from council that plans to close it
    06/03/2004 The Press and Journal
    Rural Primary School is awarded the best marks in Scotland
    05/03/2004 The Peeblesshire News Rural areas bear brunt of schools revamp
    04/03/2004 The Advertiser Letters to the Editor
    04/03/2004 The Advertiser Cabinet swings the axe as education shake-up agreed
    04/03/2004 The Advertiser Save Our Schools
    04/03/2004 The Advertiser Temple top of the form
    04/03/2004 The Advertiser Letters to the Editor
    04/03/2004 The Advertiser Fury as rural areas contemplate impact of school closures
    02/03/2004 The Scotsman Parents to fight plans for schools closures
    26/02/2004 The Advertiser Five schools to go under Midlothian's £50m programme
    26/02/2004 The Advertiser Hammer blow to rural areas

    Last Updated : 25 October 2005