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By a Village Schoolboy in the early 90's

Temple is a very small village around about 15 miles away from Edinburgh. It is situated on the back of a glen. It has been built on a steady hill, Temple is about 1/4 mile long and only has one road. Temple origianly got its name from the Knights templars who used the quant little village as a undercover hideout from Edward the first. They arrived in Britain in the twelth century and left in the 14th century.

The Knights templars origianly started in Jerusilem in the times of the crusades. Then from Jerusilem they went to Italy, untill they left Italy they were always being badgered by the Pope, who eventualy demanded that they left. They then went to France and got thrown out by the government and the same thing happened in Holland. They then fled to Britain and the pope demanded that the King did something to get rid of them. So the Knights templars split up and some came to Temple and some went to another wee village on the west coast called Kilmartin. In Temple and in Kilmartin there are graveyards with graves for the Knights templars.

Sir William Gillies lived in temple he actually lived in the house next door he painted temple and the sourounding area. There is a group of Oak's behind my house which he bought so they wouldn't be cut down so that could paint them and when he was near his last stand he gave them to Temple and its occupents. Sir William Gillies lived from 1898 to 1973..

There is a bridge near Temple that is called Sandys bridge and my house is Sandys cottage and the person who built Sandys bridge lived in my house.

There was once three churchs in Temple but now there is none. One of them is a hall were a youth club takes place etc. Another is now in ruins but one or two weddings have been held there. The last church has now been turned into a house which is owned by two quite famous people, Alison Kineard who is glass ingraver. She actualy makes the glass trophys for the tv program Super Scot. Her husband Robin Morton is the director of the Edinburgh folk festival and is the Recorder for the battlefield band. He has a recording studio in his house and that is where the Battlefield band record there songs and there albums and even borrow equipment.

The Old school was once behind what is now the hall and only schooled around about 20 children. The School now which is now across the road from my house schools near 100 hundred pupils and for a primary school in a small village in the middle of nowere that is very good. Children from farms in the sorounding area come to the school as well so that's quite good.

So for a very small village temple is a very interesting place with Knights templers and there "devil worshiping" (said by the pope) and Sir William Gillies and the famous people who live in Temple now, like Alison Kineard and her husband Robin Morton and the facts about the bridge and my house and churches and the schools and all the other interesting facts that I have put in this essay you can see that I live in a very beautiful and interesting little village.

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