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Duck Duck Race

An easy and fun way to raise funds for your organisation!

You can hire the pre numbered ducks from ourselves, with free delivery and collection in the Midlothian area.

We recommend selling the ducks at £1.00 each and it's up to you what prize structure you choose.

At our own annual event, we raced 1500 ducks ; we had three heats of 500 ducks and the winning ten from each race went on to race in the final.

Small prizes of sweets etc were given to the heats winners and in the final, first won £100, second £50 and third £25. We also had a prize for the most ducks sold of a small duck mounted on a trophy which we can arrange for you costing a further £15. You could also give non monetary donated prizes such as vouchers etc, the choice is yours.

Hire Prices    
500 ducks £50 potential profit before prizes £450
1000 ducks £75 potential profit before prizes £925
1500 ducks £100 potential profit before prizes £1400

We request a deposit of £200 per 500 ducks in the form of a signed cheque which shall be returned to you on return of the ducks. Should any ducks get lost on their way, we charge 50p per replacement duck , e.g. if 10 ducks get lost, £5.00 will be charged, this will be payable at collection.

We can also provide start and finish signs, an example of duck sponsor sheets and netting for the finish line. All you need provide is the river!

You can view photos of our own Duck Race here.

Please contact Lisa Campbell on 01875 830323 or for further details

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